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refactoring improving the design of existing code 2nd - refactoring improving the design of existing code 2nd edition addison wesley signature series fowler martin fowler on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers fully revised and updated includes new refactorings and code examples any fool can write code that a computer can understand, the process of database refactoring strategies for - this book describes in detail how to refactor a database schema to improve its design the first section of the book overviews the fundamentals evolutionary database techniques in general and of database refactoring in detail, refactoring java code methods tools - refactoring java code oliver whiler agris software refactoring is a powerful agile technique for improving existing software having java source code that is understandable helps ensure a system is maintainable and extensible, refactoring databases evolutionary database design - refactoring databases evolutionary database design paperback addison wesley signature series fowler scott j ambler pramod j sadalage on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers refactoring has proven its value in a wide range of development projects helping software professionals improve system designs, what is refactoring agile alliance - definition refactoring consists of improving the internal structure of an existing program s source code while preserving its external behavior, the second edition of refactoring martinfowler com - i was lucky enough to work with kent beck on the c3 project that birthed extreme programming there was a great deal i learned and am still learning from kent but one thing that really stood out was the approach he took to continually reworking the code base to keep it healthy an approach that went under the then unknown name of refactoring, jhawk the java metrics tool product overview - the core of our products is our standalone code analyser which analyses your java code and prepares your results to be viewed with the application itself or exported to html csv and xml formats, effective refactoring part 4 rewriting the code dzone - jumpstart your angular applications with indigo design a unified platform for visual design ux prototyping code generation and app development, advanced topic refactoring scaled agile framework - 1 by user scenario or user story refactor incrementally in a story by story or scenario by scenario mode or otherwise identify the functional areas as a basis for incrementing improve db queries and introduce data caching so that the system will run fasterrefactor all user management functionality catalog browsing functionality, c developers learn the art of writing clean code udemy - through out all i really enjoyed this course i knew about some things mentioned but still learned a lot about refactoring and creating clean code, big ball of mud brian foote - while much attention has been focused on high level software architectural patterns what is in effect the de facto standard software architecture is seldom discussed this paper examines the most frequently deployed architecture the big ball of mud